How Facebook’s GlobalCoin Will Probably Ruin Everything Good About Crypto


How Facebook’s GlobalCoin Will Probably Ruin Everything Good About Crypto

Anything else we can hand over to Zuckerberg?


Facebook is finally admitting that they are pursuing the implementation of a digital currency dubbed “GlobalCoin”.

If you’re familiar with Facebook (you have heard of Facebook, right?), you probably know they aren’t the most reputable when it comes to protecting user privacy. Still, you might be thinking, it’s kinda cool that they’re dipping their toes into the volatile ocean of cryptocurrency.

Except that when Facebook dips their toes into something like crypto, they’re highly likely to miss the whole point of cryptocurrency in their quest to monetize everything.

And if Facebook is the entry point for new crypto users around the world, a whole lot of casual users risk missing the point, too.

There’s no doubt, a Facebook-backed cryptocurrency that makes sending money “as easy… as it is to send a photo” would be massively popular. But the important question is, will GlobalCoin actually be a good cryptocurrency?

Probably not. In the traits below, I’m specifically talking about the concepts that make for the type of cryptocurrency that many in the industry would consider ideal – there are some that don’t share these characteristics and still have real-world use.

Crypto Is Borderless

A true cryptocurrency needs to consist of a few key attributes in order to be considered, well… good. If it lacks these key characteristics, it’s really nothing more than a digital version of the same old money we’ve been stuck using for centuries. At best.

First of all, a good cryptocurrency needs to be borderless. It needs to work anywhere, whether you send it to your next-door neighbor, or to someone in a country that is otherwise highly inaccessible, perhaps due to sanctions, like Iran or Venezuela.

Facebook plans to roll out GlobalCoin in select regions which have met certain regulatory compliance expectations, probably involving sharing mounds of personal information with various powers-that-be. The coin will initially be available in about a dozen countries to be transacted via WhatsApp, and might have a tough time finding approval in places like India and China.

It seems highly unlikely that it will be traded between places like Venezuela and the United States, for example.

Crypto Is Permissionless

Which brings up the second key characteristic of a good cryptocurrency. It needs to be permissionless.

Nobody needs to walk into a bank and sign a pile of papers in order to be granted the privilege of sending Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum to someone else, for example. Anyone, anywhere can send or receive a good cryptocurrency, as long as there are nodes available with which to connect and declare a transaction.

With Facebook’s GlobalCoin, chances are a range of permissions will only be granted once certain qualifications are met, most importantly being one’s nationality – but also possibly other requirements including the sharing of personal data (which, let’s face it, seems likely).

Some countries might also restrict who can transmit value using the currency. Users would be at the mercy of Facebook and whatever regulatory standards are in effect in a given region.

Crypto Is Trustless

Speaking of being at the mercy of Facebook, good cryptocurrencies must be trustless, meaning, one must be able to verify the validity of transactions without having to trust any other party, like Facebook, for example.

Facebook will most certainly keep a close eye — a really close eye — on all the monetary operations of this GlobalCoin, and will have to decide how and when it is issued and transacted. As far as we know, it is planned to be some kind of stablecoin, pegged to a basket of fiat currencies like the Euro, the Yen, and the USD. How this gets determined is unknown and is again, up to the folks at Facebook to figure out, requiring another layer of trust in the corporate entity to wisely design the currency’s protocol.

Crypto Is Decentralized

Which brings up the most important attribute of a truly good cryptocurrency — a trait that GlobalCoin will most certainly lack — decentralization.

This digital coin will be the most central of centralized coins (but at least we can stop complaining about XRP!) with Facebook running the show; lock, stock, and barrel.

There will be no decentralized network of nodes who, via free market gaming mechanisms, confirm the validity of transactions. No hashing power competition will ensure the security and integrity of this blockchain. This will be a 100% Facebook-sanctioned operation, from beginning to end, fully integrated into WhatsApp, for maximum profitability.

If Facebook decides to shut it down, for whatever reason — boom — it’s down. If Facebook decides a particular user can no longer use GlobalCoin — poof — gone. If Facebook has any kind of technical problem that causes its system to freeze, it’s frozen, for everybody. These are just a few of the problems caused by centralization.

Facebook Has No Incentive To Create A Good Crypto

What really stinks about the whole situation is that this GlobalCoin will likely be highly popular and will lead many to believe they have tapped into the freedom and independence of cryptocurrency as a revolutionary technology, just without any of the key features that make it special.

“Bitcoin is cool, but this is better. It’s on Facebook!”

The real revolution will be quietly taking place elsewhere, as good cryptocurrencies continue to grow and spread, perhaps more organically and slowly, but with genuine purpose.

The danger is, this subtle and unique revolution may be quashed by the marketing power of Facebook, with most people simply missing the point… and buying GlobalCoin instead.

Facebook will have your updates, your photos, your face, your friends, your habits… and now your money.

Time to #DeleteGlobalCoin?



Written by 

Darren Kleine is based in Alberta, Canada. Fascinated with distributed ledger technology and the widespread implications it has for societal change, he loves researching new blockchain projects. Darren has been a mathematics teacher for years, and considers writing about cryptocurrency to be his new creative passion.

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Bitcoin Payments: ATampT Customers Can Now Pay their Bill in Bitcoin

Bitcoin Payments: AT&T Customers Can Now Pay their Bill in Bitcoin

              Bitcoin Payments

Mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency is slowly growing

with the latest development being from AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) which has indicated that from today they will be accepting bitcoin payments as an option of paying for mobile bills.

AT&T customers to pay bills in crypto

AT&T is the first major telecom company in the US to provide the option of paying in crypto. AT&T’s Communication Business Operations VP Kevin McDorman stated that the company is always looking for opportunities for improving and expanding its services. He added that cryptocurrency has become popular nowadays and some customers use it and thus the company is glad to provide them with a payment option of their preference for their bills.

Customers will be allowed to make their mobile bill payments through BitPay in the myAT&T app or by login to the online account. The company has not specified whether the bitcoin payments can be used to pay for purchases of phones and accessories in AT&T stores. BitPay will be processing the crypto payments and then give AT&T a conventional currency.

Although the adoption of cryptocurrency is a significant step, for Joe McCann Passport Capitals’ former hedge fund manager, the move may have come maybe as a result of the company having internal data that shows that more people are using Bitcoin payments nowadays. He added that AT&T did not have an upside to support Bitcoin payments.

Mainstream Bitcoin payment growing

BitPay’s Chief Commercial Officer, Sonny Singh lauded the move by AT&T and the job they have done to make it happen. He added that more companies will soon start the following suit because the adoption of crypto payment by such a big telecom company will motivate competitors to consider joining the trend as most companies are eager to learn.

AT&T follows other major corporation in the US that Accept bitcoin payments such as Subway, Expedia, Overstock, Microsoft, and Shopify. Most recently Whole Foods and a number of retailers began accepting bitcoin payments through third-party partnership.

Article Produced By
Ankit Singhania

Based in India, Ankit is a financial content writer and stock market analyst. He has worked for almost a decade on several financial projects related to the stock market news, fundamental research and technical analysis for several websites. He obtained his Masters Degree In finance (MS – finance) from ICFAI. Currently, he serves as a financial consultant and technical analyst at

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Malta AI and Blockchain Summit Spring Addition 2019: Day 2 recap

Malta AI and Blockchain Summit Spring Addition 2019: Day 2 recap

After a productive day one at the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit,

delegates returned for their second dose of expo floor exploration, sessions, workshops and networking opportunities at the Hilton. While the summit attracted established businesses and entrepreneurs encompassing a number of industries, the intersection of iGaming and blockchain proved to be a particularly exciting area, especially because Malta is a hub for both industries.

“My keynote today was about blockchain and gambling and in my opinion its one of the leading sectors in this space in terms of monetization and actualization and exemplification of blockchain”, Carla Maree Vella of Consultxd shared with “This is not just said by myself, tons of key figures out there that are saying blockchain and gambling, those are going to be the key examples”, she revealed. Vella went on to provide examples of iGaming companies that are using blockchain technology to engage consumers, while also touching on how the immutability of blockchain information takes everything one step further for iGaming.

Ganapati is an example of an iGaming company that is paving the way with its use of blockchain and in fact, they were big exhibitors at the summit and last night’s recipients of “Marketing Campaign of the Year” at the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit Awards. “Through our work as an online slot provider we found a hole in the market that a lot of the casino users didn’t trust the sites and the operators. Now what provides trust, and what provides transparency? Blockchain!”, shared Ganapati COO Juliet Adelstein.

“So we began building our own blockchain platform that our online casino will sit on top of. Along with that, in conjunction we’ve also released a stable coin, G8C, which is a brand new form of stable coin in the iGaming industry”, she explained. As the crypto industry matures, more and more practical uses for blockchain technology continue to make their way to Unlinkthe surface. Vinay Gupta, one of the early minds behind the Ethereum launch, revealed how his organization, Mattereum, is using the blockchain to track memorabilia.

“The problem that we’re solving is provenance of physical object and our first partnership is with William Shatner of Star Trek and many other series fame, to take the collectables and memorabilia and basically produce blockchain proofs that they are accurate, that they are what they are said to be and these proofs have some legal reinforcement”, Gupta shared with “So its not just that somebody says they are real, there’s actually a financial aspect to that proof that allows you to recover value if it turns out to be a ringer. So this is new territory and we’re very pleased to have such a high profile first partner”, he added.

As the two day summit came to a close, organizer Eman Pulis shared his thoughts on the blockchain industry in general and how his events are crafted to help push the industry forward in Malta and around the globe. “What characterizes this industry is that its moving so fast”, said Pulis. “So after last November I thought, listen, we can’t wait another 12 months to bring those amazing people back to Malta. So we said lets wait six months and launch the spring/summer addition. So we did”, he said.

“Despite the long crypto winter, despite the bear market, despite the European Union elections happening tomorrow, we still managed to get a buzzing crowd of 5,500 people”, Pulis confirmed. “I think what makes this show special, unlike shows in North America where you have a North American focus, its truly global. Its been the characterization of the November show, also at this show we have delegates from Asia, delegates from North America, delegates from South America, so it is truly a global show where West meets East”, he added.

Article Produced By
Becky Liggero

After four and a half years of iGaming industry experience with Casino City, Becky Liggero joined Bitcoin Entrepreneur and Economic Envoy to the Government of Antigua Calvin Ayre to serve as the Head On-site Reporter for the Calvin Ayre Media Group. Since August 2009, Becky has exclusively conducted interviews with senior level executives and enthusiasts for a while continuing to travel the world and document her adventures for all to watch and read.

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The blessings upon Markethive are many

The blessings upon Markethive are many.

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Good News For the Upcoming ICO Public Crowd Funding Launch for Markethive

The initial coin offerings (#ICO) sector is showing signs of an uptick due to positive investor sentiment, apparently spurred by the recent crypto market rally.

The data was revealed in a new report from token rating platform ICObench, shared with Markethive on May 25.

Providing data as of May 21, the report notes that the success rate of ICOs has increased, ostensibly reflecting a rise in projects’ quality. 85% of total funds raised so far in May reportedly belong to projects with a high (3-3.5) rating — as compared with 68% in April. 
According to ICObench’s data, the number of published projects in May has increased by 157 to hit 5,512 projects, with 287 ongoing ICOs and 140 upcoming #token sales expected.

The report notes that data for the total funds raised so far in May has been overwhelmed by the reported $1 billion initial exchange offering (IEO) from cryptocurrency exchange #Bitfinex — bringing the total amount of funds raised via token sales this month to roughly $1.075 billion.

As reported, an #IEO represents an alternative model of token offering wherein a centralized crypto exchange operates the sales and ostensibly vets both the projects themselves and prospective investors.

Aside from Bitfinex, IEOs from Economi and Poseidon each raised around $10.5 million and 2.4 million respectively, according to the report. The sum of all funds collected from the top 5 IEOs (excluding Bitfinex) so far this month hit almost $15.5 million.

Bitfinex’s major offering has resulted in May being the month with the highest total funds raised so far in 2019. In ICObench’s historical data — which represents May 2018 through May 21, 2019 — only May and June 2018 saw higher levels of total funds raised via token sales.

In terms of geographical distribution, the Brisitish Virgin Islands took the lead in terms of total funds raised, followed by the Cayman Islands. The United Kingdom contributed the highest number of ICOs — with 9 projects — yet scored only 7th place in terms of total funds.

As Markethive moves towards entering into the ICO race, we bring a working platform, an establish coin, an explosive Alexa rank, massive traffic, commanding SEO ranking, a great reputation, 4 years in beta and rave reveiws.

We are in our last private funding to prepare for a massive public crowd funding launch. Having already raised more than 1/3rd the funds.

Find out more

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Binance Crypto Exchange Ready To Launch Margin Trading For Users

Binance Crypto Exchange Ready To Launch Margin Trading For Users




The cryptocurrency exchange Binance has recently confirmed

that it will be launching margin trading for different digital assets. In a recent tweet uploaded by the platform, the exchange revealed two different interfaces for Binnace, one completely white and the second one completely dark. In these images, it is possible to see that the exchange is already testing margin trading.

Binance Could Soon Launch Margin Trading

Binance is one of the most popular exchanges in the market and it has been working in order to attract a large number of users. After being launched in 2017, it became one of the largest platforms for traders in the space. This time, the intention is to offer new features to users, including margin trading.

At the moment, there is no information about which is the leverage level that the company is going to be offering to its users. As they didn’t provide any guide regarding their plan for the future about margin trading, it is not possible to know which are going to be the digital assets that will have margin trading activated.  There are different digital currency exchanges that are currently offering margin trading, including Poloniex or BitMEX. However, Poloniex doesn’t offer a very competitive platform for margin traders. Kraken is also offering margin trading to its customers, while Coinbase Pro does not compete in this category.

Binance, with a large number of users, an easy to use interface and a fast service, became a recognized digital currency exchange. The firm has been also affected by a hack a few weeks ago that resulted in the loss of over 7,000 Bitcoin (BTC), worth close to $40 million at the time. With this new implementation that could be rolled out in the near future, according to Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of the company, the intention is to attract investors that were using other platforms to trade digital assets with margin.

Alex Krüger, a recognized crypto investor, released a poll on Twitter in which 36% of the respondents answered that they are going to be long crypto when margin becomes active on the platform. 14% answered that they are going to be shorting crypto. 32% said that they are not planning to use margin. Finally, 18% selected the “see results” option. At the time of writing this article, Binance is the second largest crypto trading platform with a market capitalisation of $2.31 billion traded in the last 24 hours.

Try Out Binance Today

or over two years, UseTheBitcoin has done the research, covered the news, and helped readers find the best blockchain projects. The one thing we keep coming back to is Binance. Binance has set itself apart as the best trading platform for beginners and experienced traders, and gives you hundreds of coins to invest in. Start trading today on Binance!

Article Produced By
Carlos Terenzi

Carlos is an international relations' analyst specializing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Since 2017, Carlos has written extensively for UseTheBitcoin and other leading cryptocurrency sites; with over 2,000 articles published.

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Facebook set to launch its own Cryptocurrency called Globalcoin in 2020

Facebook set to launch its own Cryptocurrency called “Globalcoin” in 2020


Facebook’s Crypto to be called “Globalcoin”

Social media giant Facebook is planning to launch its own Cryptocurrency named “Globalcoin” in the first quarter of 2020, according to a report from BBC. It is looking to start trails by the end of this year. Facebook recently registered a company called “Libra Networks” which is a Blockchain initiative that it has been working on for over a year. Even though Facebook has been secretive about its project, reports have emerged that the social media giant was looking for a Billion dollar funding for the Libra project.

Facebook has reportedly sought advice from the U.S Treasury officials and the bank of England governor Mark Carney regarding the opportunities and risks involved in creating a Cryptocurrency. According to FT, the company is also in talks with Winklevoss led Gemini and Coinbase for custody and trading solutions. Facebook is also in talks with payment giants like Visa, Mastercard and Western Union to collaborate and fund the initiative. The social media giant is looking to tap into the global remittance market by enabling cross border payments on Whatsapp in 12 countries including India.

Facebook’s Coin a Bitcoin Killer?

Facebook’s coin will most likely be a stablecoin pegged to fiat currencies like the dollar instead of a volatile asset like Bitcoin, there is no information available on the technical details of the Libra project. However, based on Facebook’s reputation of selling user data and its monopolistic tendencies, it is fair to assume that Facebook’s “Globalcoin” would mostly be centrally controlled, unlike Bitcoin’s decentralized governance. While some are critical of Facebook’s Crypto endeavor, others view it as a positive step for the mainstream adoption of Cryptocurrencies. One must not forget that Facebook’s humungous userbase which is larger than any online platform, any product released by Facebook will likely gain massive adoption and would be unprecedented in Crypto.

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Tron Price Prediction 2019: What Price Can Tron Reach This Year?

Tron Price Prediction 2019: What Price Can Tron Reach This Year?


Short TRON Description

The decentralized platform was designed to enable content creators to send, upload, own, publish, and store their data without relying on third-parties. Tron was created by Justin Sun, a former employee of Ripple, and its headquarters are located in Singapore. Currently, TRX ranks 11th on the list of top digital currencies according to market cap.

TRON Price Prediction 2019: Analysis and Price Forecast

Seeing as the crypto is one of the best performing cryptos in the space, TRX has great expansion potential. Most recent Tron price predictions state that the project will most likely see an exponential increase before the end of the year. The CEO of TRON, Justin Sun, revealed that the TRON network has surpassed EOS in terms of unique addresses and that TRON has acquired more unique addresses in the first 95 days than ETH in the same time period during its own launch.

Two other upgrades are also in planned to occur by the end of the year- the first being scheduled for 15th of November and the other in December. The TRON Virtual Machine (TVM) was launched last year, which now means that developers are able to design dApps on TRON’s mainnet. The market responded positively, with TRON experiencing a price appreciation in the 24 hours following the launch. Based on past responses, the significant developments which are scheduled to come will increase Tron’s potential to see some price growths.

TRX has already forged several key partnerships which will bring mutual benefits that could greatly influence its price in the next three months and years to come. Justin Sun has secured partnerships with BitForex, FX market company- Shiftmarkets, and Chinese exchange OTCBTC. Justin Sun’s connection with Alibaba’s founder Jack Ma suggests that there may be a potential merger in the near future, which might boost Tron’s prices and adoption. 2019 is expected to bring many enhancements in TRX’s security and privacy.

Tron saw a rapid development in market rank, as just a few months ago it was in 56th position, and now it is placed in 11th position, according to data from CoinMarketCap. Even though Tron might experience increases, they will not be as noticeable when compared to those of its peers. But, after 2019, it might start to pick up the pace as it has its roadmap features a lot of plans for future developments. 2019 will see the release of one of its most anticipated projects – Project Atlas –  which would integrate BitTorrent to enhance its security.


Tron Price Prediction: Market Forecasts

Seeing as the markets are prone to volatility, no one is able to provide an exact prediction on how one crypto asset will evolve. There have been several publications and websites that have released their own Tron price prediction. We will be going through some of them in our list below:


The site of Bitcoinexchangeguide forecasts that Tron will reach $2.78 by September next year.


According to the Tron price prediction made by, TRX will hit the $1 mark only in five years which, at this moment, sounds like a realistic forecast.

3. WalletInvestor

WalletInvestor predicted that TRX will not pass the value of $0.1 this year as they believe 2019 will not be a good year for this digital asset. However, they are of the opinion that it is not a bad year in which you can make investments.

4. More investors

As Tron will gain new investors from various payment services such as PayPal, many investors have argued that these partnerships will lead to an increase of $1.5 per coin.

5. JioMobilePhone1500

The Tron price prediction of Jiomobilephone1500 is that TRX might reach the level of $5 by the end of 2019, as they believe this year will be very favorable for the crypto. They made another bullish prediction, stating that, by 2020, TRX might have a price of $47.

6. CoinTame

CoinTame made the least favorable prediction for Tron in our list, where they believed that TRX might be priced around $0.633 in 2019 and, by the end of 2020, it might hit the $1 mark.

7. Smartereum

The cryptocurrency experts from the Smartereum analysis website predict that TRX will reach a price of $12 by the peak of 2019. They also stated that: “Based on the analysis of the present value of the digital currency, they have also predicted that, by 2020, the value of Tron could get to $52.91.” However, this seems like a really improbable prediction, at least from our point of view.

8. CoinSwitch

Crypto aggregator website CoinSwitch predicts that “there are good possibilities for it to reach 0.4 USD in the coming 5-8 months.”  ”Tron will heavily boost up its price this year. In the first two quarters, it will be lingering across 0.05 to 0.06 USD. But in the third quarter, it picks up its pace, wherein it reaches $0.07, and by the end 2019, it will reach up to $0.11, which is positive as compared to the last year.” We believe that this is the most plausible prediction for TRX’s price for 2019, considering the current factors and data.


TRON has many factors that are currently in its favor, but it remains to be seen if the markets will be bullish in 2019 for TRX.

Article Produced By
Anca Faget

Hi, I’m Anca. You might’ve stumbled upon my literary creations while searching for stuff on the internet. I write mostly on topics related to tech, crypto and such (although there was a period in my life when I wrote sarcastic descriptions for bizarre Amazon products). When my ADD kicks in I turn sticky notes into Pikachus or pop bubble wrap.

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3 Altcoins That Are Outperforming Bitcoin and Will Likely Face Consequences

3 Altcoins That Are Outperforming Bitcoin and Will Likely Face Consequences


The crypto market is going through a period of massive recovery

in the past few months, which has caused the investors’ optimism to return. While all eyes are on Bitcoin (BTC), as usual, the largest coin seems to be struggling with a major resistance level at $8,000 at the moment. While this level was breached a few times now, every breach resulted in a correction. At the time of writing, BTC is approaching this level yet again, with its current price being at $7,985,79, and rising further. The price managed to grow by 1.06% in the last 24 hours, and will undoubtedly hit $8,000 in a matter of hours, if not sooner.

However, while Bitcoin continues to remain volatile and struggles with waves of growth and decline, there are some altcoins that are not following its path. Of course, most of them are performing in pretty much the same manner as BTC, as they always had. But, a few coins have actually managed to outperform Bitcoin in recent months. While optimists believe that this might lead to decoupling from Bitcoin — something that only Binance Coin (BNB) managed to pull off up to this point — it is likely that there will be consequences for these cryptos. This likely means that a price drop for these specific coins awaits somewhere in the near future, as outperforming BTC during bull runs is not something that goes unnoticed — or unpunished.

Altcoins outperforming BTC

1. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Out of all the coins in the Bitcoin family, BCH has been one of the best performers ever since April 1st. It even managed to outperform BTC by nearly 25% during this time, which may come as a surprise, considering that this was a project whose update caused a second market crash back in November 2018.

However, this event, which also gave birth to Bitcoin SV (BSV) might be the very reason why BCH is outperforming BTC. Or, rather, BSV itself might be the reason. While BCH has been doing better than BTC, BSV has been outperforming BCH. In other words, the rivalry between the two, rather than the desire to get in line with Bitcoin, might be what fuels Bitcoin Cash’s great performance.

2. BitTorrent (BTT)

BitTorrent has been one of the best performers for a while now. The coin launched on January 28th on Binance Launchpad, and developed within the TRON ecosystem is still growing rapidly. In fact, it is rising through the ranks faster than any other cryptocurrency. Only a week ago, the coin was sitting at 40th spot, while it currently sits at 34th, and is threatening to fulfill Justin Sun’s promise of climbing up to top 20 in less than a month. At the time of writing, the coin’s price is at $0.001317, with 28.71% growth against the USD in the last 24 hours, and 24.07% growth against BTC during the same period.

3. Chainlink (LINK)

Finally, there is Chainlink (LINK), which is currently 26th largest cryptocurrency by market cap. The coin currently has a price of $1.13, with 12.58% growth against the USD in the last 24 hours, as well as 11.65% growth against Bitcoin. The project is seeing a lot of hype due to the fact that its MainNet is expected to see a launch in less than ten days, on May 30th.

The MainNet will allow the coin to migrate to its own network, and create its own ecosystem, which is always followed by the celebration from the community, and hype regarding the project. Whether or not the launch and following token migration will go as planned still remains to be seen. For now, however, this is one of the top performing tokens in the market.

Article Produced By
Ali Raza

A freelance journalist, with experience in web journalism and marketing. Ali holds a master degree in finance and enjoys writing about cryptocurrencies and fintech. Ali's work has been published on a number of cryptocurrency publications.

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Pay Attention We are 13rd the way there

Pay Attention
The Final Private Group Offer

Alexa has broken through to 27,400, Membership subscriptions have risen past 12,000, 1/3rd of our projected funding has been received!

We have built a social and market network on the blockchain. Over 20 years of developing, 4 years in beta, now we are listed on an exchange and ready to come out of beta with nearly 10,000 members, an Alexa ranking of 30,020 over 50,000 followers on our social networks.

Markethive coin has increased in value from 1 penny $.01 to a dime $.10 in a short amount of time. The crypto Bull Market has returned and will continue to grow in magnitude for the rest of the year.
By summers end the growth of the industry should be staggering. Two well know protagonist billionaires agree, Tim Draper and Tom Lee.

This is one of the indications it is time to launch Markethive. After nearly a year with the new engineering firm and new engineers on the team, the platform is now stable and the next two months will be focused on bringing on many new upgrades, enhancements and new services.

The Offer.
What is an ILP?

The ILP is well defined in this article titled: What in heck is a Markethive ILP?

Buy $1,000 worth of MHV coin through our Markethive account (Markethive will transfer the coin to your Markethive account or your MEW wallet) and receive a .12 share of an ILP.

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A rotator: Plus earn an equal share of new ILP purchases in our official crowd funding launch of Markethive this summer (proposed)

Additional bonus: Existing ILP owners will also receive equal shares in the rotator Crowd Funding Launch and if you purchase an additional ILP via this offer we will double an equal amount of shares (not shadow shares) you currently hold.
ie: [If you currently hold 3 ILP shares, and purchase 2 ($20,000) new ILP accounts “receiving 2 x 2 ILPS = 4” 2 of your 3 existing ILPs will also be doubled. Giving you a new total of 9 ILPs.] 3 + 1 now equals 9!

This offer ends when 30 ILP shares have been acquired.  Several members have already taken us up on this.
Again if you do not know: What in heck is a Markethive ILP?

The following budget is what determined my decision to do one more private crowd funding before we launch our official Blockchain Crowd Funding and the Markethive Awareness campaign.

We need to raise the money to launch a huge ICO (like) public crowd funding campaign (AWARENESS CAMPAIGN) and need to raise $300k or more to make it a huge campaign. 60% of this money goes to launching our crowd funding campaign in June of this year. 40% goes to Markethive enhancements to prepare for the onslaught of new membership. We need to finish our site. It needs to be replicated. Our front page of Markethive is also getting a new face lift. And will be retrofitted as an ICO rating system

An online form to sign up for this offer is found at the bottom of this article or by tapping this link

Phase One ($20,000):
We will need to publish large Press Release campaigns to the following Crypto News Sites


  1. BUSINESSINSIDER.COM (via $350)                                          Alexa: 327
  2. CCN.COM Press Release $349                                                                    Alexa: 1,458
  3. COINTELEGRAPH.COM Press Release $3500                                           Alexa: 4,496
  4. BITCOIN.COM Press Release $1,995                                                          Alexa: 11,763
  5. COINTRAFFIC.IO (Scheduled Crowd Funding Campaign $25)                   Alexa:  15,823
  6. BENZINGA.COM Press Release $500                                                         Alexa: 21,239
  7. NEWSBTC Press Release $799                                                                   Alexa: 25,740
  8. LIVECOINWATCH PR via Coinzilla $200                                                     Alexa: 33,268
  9. ETHEREUMWORLDNEWS.COM  Press Release: $350                             Alexa: 40,325
  10. BITCOINIST.COM Press release $999                                                         Alexa: 41,709
  11. THEBITCOINNEWS.COM press release $990                                             Alexa: 41,493
  12. BITSONLINE.COM Press Release via Coinzilla $300                                  Alexa: 49,562
  13. BLOCKONOMI.COM Press Release is $199.                                              Alexa: 56,128
  14. BITCOINMAGAZINE.COM Sponsored Article + EMAIL $4000                    Alexa: 51,480
  15. INVESTINBLOCKCHAIN.COM  Press Release is $199.                              Alexa: 58,846
  16. DAILYHODL.COM Press Release $150                                                       Alexa: 60,654
  17. NULLTX Press Release $300 Sponsored Article $600                                Alexa: 65,887
  18. CRYPTOGLOBE.COM Press Release via Coinzilla $220                           Alexa: 79.744
  19. CRYPTODAILY.CO.UK  Press Release via Coinzilla $400                          Alexa: 80,870
  20. CRYPTOSLATE  FEATURED LISTING: $199 PER MONTH                      Alexa: 81,131
  22. SMARTEREUM Press Release: $249                                                         Alexa: 97,553
  23. SMARTEREUM SPONSORED STORY: $999                                            Alexa: 97,553
  24. BTCMANAGER.COM Press Release $500                                                 Alexa: 112,197
  25. ZYCRYPTO.COM Press Release $100                                                       Alexa: 121,487
  26. BLOKT.COM Press Release $200                                                               Alexa: 164,593
  27. SLUDGEFEED.COM Press Release $100                                                  Alexa: 222,695
  28. CRYPTOCURRENCYNEWS.COM  Press Release $197                           Alexa: 376,032
  29. CRYPTORADAR Press Release $59                                                          Alexa: 1,304,572

SUB TOTAL                                          $19,000.00 Primary campaign

Phase Two ($75,000):
Secondary Marketing Assets

  1. COINMARKETCAP (3days banner at top of page $14,500)                       Alexa: 485
  2. CCN (sponsored story for $1499 + emailed to 100,000 $1.799)                Alexa: 1458
  3. COINTELEGRAPH.COM (Publish package $20,000)                               Alexa: 4,544
  4. COINDESK.COM Minimum $10,000 Newsletter $10,000 per                   Alexa: 6.294
  5. CRYPTOCOMPARE  (Sponsored Guide Sponsored Newsletter)             Alexa: 11,189
  6. BITCOIN.COM (500,000 Impressions Banner $5700)                              Alexa: 11,988
  7. Ivan Liljeqvist YOUTUBE CHANNEL ($11,000 interview)                        198k subscribers
  8. AMBCRYPTO (ICO form submitted $8,000)                                             Alexa: 22,118
  9. ETHEREUMWORLDNEWS.COM (Native Article: $1200)                        Alexa: 40,325
  10. THEBITCOINNEWS.COM (Press Release $990)                                    Alexa: 41,493
  11. BITCOINIST.COM Sponsored Article + Social Network $1,950               Alexa: 41,709

SUB TOTAL                                          $75,000.00 Secondary package

ICO Launch and Rating Sites ($16,000):
We will need to register and publish to the portfolio of ICO benches and ICO revue sites. They all charge fees to do it “right”.

  1. COINGECKO.COM Banner Ad program $3500 per month                     Alexa: 6,595
  2. ICOBENCH Consultation, Mass Press Release  and  Listing $5000      Alexa: 38,516
  3. ICOMARKS.COM ICO Promotion Premium  $500                                  Alexa: 73,714
  4. ICOHOLDER.COM  PUBLISH ICO: $500                                               Alexa: 124,622
  5. ICORATING.COM  Listing + investment rating, publication  $3,500       Alexa: 155,355
  6. AIRDROPRATING.IO Rocket PR to massive social networks $600       Alexa: 163,761
  7. BLOCKCHAIN INVESTOR COMMUNITY   Free Submission                 Alexa: 238,472
  8. ICOBAZAAR.COM   Free submission
  9. COINSTAKER.COM  Full campaign package $2000                              Alexa: 345,864
  10. ICOALERT.COM   CONSULTING (Have Reached Out)                         Alexa: 380,596
  11. COINIST.IO Listing and Press Release $2,600                                      Alexa: 664,338
  12. COINLAUNCHER.IO   PREMIUM LISTING: .75 Bitcoin                         Alexa: 805,035
  13. FINDICO.IO    ONE MONTH PREMIUM: 3ETH                                      Alexa: 1,172,488
  14. ICOTOP.IO    ICO Rating Agency Free to Add your ICO                        Alexa: 2,270,743
  15. THETOKENER.COM   Full Ad package $2220                                      Alexa: 2,279,375

SUB TOTAL                                          $16,000.00

Advertising Channel for Email distribution, Social Networks Broadcasting, Banner advertising

  1. BUYSELLADS.COM Crypto Bundle to 16 high ranked domains, social networks and email distribution runs  $17,000                Alexa:  60,163

Required Development before Launch ($52,000)

Final Leg Project Priorities

1.    New Root Domain front page to qualify us for a banner account –          $4200

2.    Floating video on home page. Replaces video in Upgrade Level page.  Videos  1:Tutorials | 2:Entrepreneur | 3:Social Account Setup with associated links to the designated pages, sections or groups. –                              $840

3.    The “NewsFeed”  GROUP whereas members of the group posting to the group distributes the post to all Markethive members Newsfeeds from that member, not the group. Whereas pinning a post makes that post default on all new accounts made thereafter until Unpinned.   
NewsFeed Upgrade: New signup notification on all newsfeeds. Notification alerts to a new signup, their name and link to the Profile Page, ability to friend request and send a tip and (who signed them up?)                                  $1400

4.    NewsFeed repair: Anyone who is a friend should see your Newsfeed posts on their Newsfeed, This is broken and inconsistent. Mostly with new members. When a post is deleted by the author or Group admin, it should be deleted for all. I can show you where this is not working.                                      $560

5.    When a friends Group is posted to, it should not appear on my News Feed unless I am a member of that group. Right now that is broken and appears on my NewsFeed      $560

6.    NewsFeed Upgrade: We need a search and filter. Search allows searching keywords, members, date range, group posts, and GEO. Filter determines what default displays. Same ranges.                                          $3500

7.    Blocking a member. Hides all newsfeed posts from being viewed both ways, removes the blocked member from the group and deletes all posts in owners  groups, removes all comments from owners blogs and hides all blog comments from member to owner and owner to member. Prevents blocked member from commenting on a blog, but allows viewing, and subscribing, but not SWIPING.                      $2800

8.    Gateway:  Payment Methods “Bitpay”, “AuthNet”, “Paypal”, “Amazon”, “Apple Pay”. All, payment processing is used for Entrepreneur monthly and yearly subscriptions and purchase of Markethive Ad Credits. Ad Credits can be used to purchase Markethive Coin to be used to purchase Advertising Services, such as News Feed Ad boosts, Banners, sponsored articles, Press Releases, Markethive Social Account broadcasts.                  $4200

9.    Entrepreneur “Upgrade Level” redesigned             $350

10.    Picwic Tracking Broken: IT BUDGET      $350
         a.    Capture Pages 
         b.    Capture Widgets 
         c.    WP Plugins 
         d.    Profile Page 
         e.    Rotator 
         f.    Mini Url

11.    Leads Control Panel broken IT Budget       $140
         a.    Empty folders disappear.

12.    Autoresponder issues IT BUDGET       $140
         a.    Drag and drop reorganizing is broken

13. (Crowd Funding Promo Site)
         a.    Secure Certificate
         b.    New ICO like template
         c.    Finish Markethive IO  videos

14.    API coin transfer (First wallet) – IT BUDGET     $32,500

15.    Remove Paypal, designate verified when the phone number has been verified. Replace the image with a new Image  – IT BUDGET     $70

16.    Super Groups
         a.    Press Release Group. Customer built as a super group for just Press Release publishing and payment to publish standard, advanced and master levels.  IT BUDGET    $10,000
         b.    Sponsored Articles Super Group payment options for published to front page, distributed to social networks, distributed to WP blogs  IT BUDGET   $10,000
         c.    Curation function in all groups to add 3rd party RSS feeds and a deliver keyword(s) filter IT BUDGET $10,000

17.    Automated Tutorial System  IT Budget $5000

Proposed budget for IT upgrades is $90,000

Total proposed cash required ($193,000)

is a conservative estimate and we also want a treasure chest for additional development unforeseen at the moment.


As Bitcoin Surges, so will the Markethive Coin and subscriptions and paid services. Our timing could not be better. We survived the Crypto Winter and it is now time to go to the moon.

Bitcoin Surging 19% Only the Beginning, Halving Will Propel to Meteoric Gains

Markethive is this hybrid symbiotic phenomenon. Unique, exponentially powerful and will be a major driving force in unbelievable revenue generation as well as widespread respected service.

A Case study: Let’s look at the Media Content suppliers for the Crypto media. They have very big traffic and they publish banners, press releases, sponsored articles, ICO analysis all for fees and many make over a $million a year. The tools they use are not unlike the tools we deliver to you in Markethive. That being said, it is not difficult to grasp the fact many Markethive members can build a similar success with our system like we are building for you @

Keep in mind, we have not promoted it nor finished it, but it will be no different than a WordPress portal you could build using the same tools found in Markethive

Markethive is a market network and these tools are equally commanded by each individual which means any member at Markethive could produce similar traffic and revenue because of Markethive but not by Markethive. It is the entire vision to empower our members to achieve great heights.

Click here for ILP registration and purchase


Thomas Prendergast
CEO  Founder


The Markethive White Paper

Deb Williams (hodlthrive)

The revolution from Deb Williams